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Zum Zum Milk has become one of the most trusted packaged milk brand in Kashmir over the past few years. Our packaged milk is renowned for its creamy natural texture and delicious taste. Zum Zum also holds good reputation as a reliable bulk supplier of milk to suffice the needs of our customers on the occasion of festivities and ceremonies. Zum Zum Milk Brand has become synonymous with purity, quality and hygiene and over the past few years have been duly recognized by the authorities as well as the customers to be the best milk supplier in Kashmir with the most compliant procurement, production, packaging and distribution processes.


Zum Zum procures a significant part of its requirement of cow milk from different parts of the Kashmir particularly from the villages of Pulwama and its adjoining areas. Zum Zum apart from giving good returns to the producers for their supply serves the interest of consumers by providing quality products. The raw milk which is collected from various parts of valley particularly from Pulwama, Shopian, Anantnag, Kulgam & Budgam is transported to the processing unit where it is standardized, pasteurized, homogenized and then packed before being dispatched to the market for sale. It is ensured that the most hygienically processed & quality products are marketed. Our facility encloses a well-equipped quality control laboratory within its premises to ensure quality and safety is maintained at every stage before the product is supplied to the market.

Zum Zum plant currently has a handling capacity of 40000 Litres per day and it processes, packages and markets about 23000 Litres of milk per day in the markets of Srinagar, Baramulla, Pulwama, Anatnag & Shopian.

Zum Zum is constantly striving to learn, experience and grow to be the best dairy plant in the state. We are engaged in research and innovation to increase our handling and processing capacity and expand our product portfolio as well. The new portfolio through our product pipeline would include bread and ice cream.

Zum Zum Packaged Milk is fresh and pure cow’s milk, processed and packaged in hygienic conditions. The milk is processed in two major steps. Pasteurization & Homogenization. In Pasteurisationthe milk is heated to 750C and after a few seconds quickly cooled down to 40C to make it pathogen free while retaining its taste and nutritional content. In Homogenisation the Fat globules are broken and evenly distributed in the milk making it rich, wholesome and more digestible.