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Our Zum Zum Paneer is made from pasteurized milk through an efficient process using natural acids to get the best taste and consistency. It’s rich in protein and calcium. It is beneficial for bones, teeth and heart muscles. Zum Zum Paneer is one of the best packaged paneer in the market and is available in half kilogram packaging.

Paneer is one of the most important foods that form an essential part of a Kashmiri diet and at Zum Zum we understand how important it is to live up to the expectations of our customers, thus we strive hard to implement the best practices in order to produce the best quality packaged paneer which feels as good as home-made Kashmiri Paneer.


Zum Zum is a known brand for Paneer in Srinagar and other districts of Kashmir and has found a name for itself in every household as one of the few indigenous producers and distributors of quality milk products including Paneer. Apart from serving the needs of our customers we serve the needs of our community by engaging with our village milk farmers. While sourcing from them we also educate them in the best dairy farming practices for better quality as well as the productivity of the model, ensuring that the highest standards of quality are maintained right from the source.

We at Zum Zum understand that milk or milk products like Paneer are an essential for every household and that it is the most important form of nourishment for your family, thus it's imperative to ensure that high standards are set and sustained throughout the whole process from procurement, processing, packaging as well as distribution.

Zum Zum promise is the assurance of safety and quality of our products apart from the unparalleled taste of our products which is achieved through constant research and development by our team of experts and also by constant unfettered monitoring by our quality assurance team who are engaged at every step of the process from sourcing to supply.