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Experience real goodness of milk

About Us


Zum Zum milk processing plant was set up in kashmir valley in 2008 citing the increasing demand for packaged. high quality and fresh milk in the valley. Located in the industrial Growth Center Lassipora Pulwama we market and sell dairy product under the Zum Zum brand (Liquid Milk Dahi & Paneer).

Zum Zum procures a significant part of its requirement of liquid milk from different parts of the valley particularly from the villages of Pulwama and its adjoining areas. Zum Zum apart from giving good returns to the producers for their supply serves the interest of consumers by providing quality products. The raw milk which is collected from the various part of valley particularly from Pulwama. Shopian, Anantnag, Kulgam & Budgamn is transported to the processing unit where it is standardized, pasteurized, homogenized and then packed before being dispatched to the market for sale. It is ensured

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Our Products

Experience real goodness of milk

Milk Fat 3% & Milk SNF 8.5%

It’s fresh and pure cow's milk, processed and packaged in hygienic conditions. The milk is processed in two major steps: Pasteurization & Homogenization. In Pasteurisation the milk is heated to 750C and after a few seconds quickly cooled down to 40C to make it pathogen free while retaining its taste and nutritional content. In Homogenisation the Fat globules are broken and evenly distributed in the milk making it rich, wholesome and more digestible. Zum Zum is recognized among the best packed milk brands in Kashmir.

Our Products

Milk Fat 3% & Milk SNF 10%min

Made from pasteurized milk our Curd / Dahi is delicious, thick, consistent & natural without the use of any preservatives. Besides tasting great it helps in digestion by maintaining probiotic health in the gut and suppressing the growth of undesirable pathogenic bacteria. Zum Zum Dahi is the best set curd in Kashmir and is among the best quality dahi/curd available in Kashmir.

Our Products

in Half KG Packets

It's made from pasteurized milk through an efficient process using natural acids to get the best taste and consistency. It’s rich in protein and calcium. It is beneficial for bones, teeth and heart muscles. Zum Zum Paneer is one of the best packaged paneer in the market and is available in half kilogram packaging.

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Our Promise


At Zum Zum we understand our customers' needs and expectations and strive to set high standards in every respect, be it quality, taste, purity or hygiene.

We at Zum Zum understand that milk or milk products are an essential for every household and that it is the most important form of nourishment for your family, thus it's imperative to ensure that high standards are set and sustained throughout the whole process from procurement, processing, packaging as well as distribution.

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Our Processes


Raw Milk is orally tested for freshness and purity and lab tested to ensure there is no contamination & is completely safe



Raw milk is procured from different villages from healthy and free range cows and transported to our facility

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End product is tested again to ensure safety and quality before being finally packaged for distribution



Approved milk is standardized, pasteurized & homogenized and processed further to produce Curd and Cottage Cheese



The product is loaded carefully onto distribution trucks early morning and supplied to retailers around the valley

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Raw Material

Our raw milk procurement starts at the village level where we are able to procure pure and fresh milk from free range cows. In each village we have appointed a dedicated representative of milk producers to ensure efficient coordination for collection of fresh and quality milk. A small part of our milk is procured from milk contractors also. We have created incentive programs for quality milk producers in order to encourage youth towards dairy farming.

Milk Processing

Pasteurisation and Homogenisation

From the storage tanks the raw standardized milk is taken through pasteurizer module where it is heated to 750C, held in the holding tubes for 16 seconds and then chilled before being sent for storage in the insulated milk tanks. Pasteurised milk is completely free from pathogens, therefore, eliminates the danger of milk-borne diseases due to consumption of unsafe milk.

Usually we see the fat rising on to the top of a container of milk this is because fat is less dense than water & on standing for more time milk has a tendency to separate into high fat cream layer on top. Milk in our processing plant is homogenized simultaneously, a treatment which prevents a cream layer from separating out of milk. In homogenization process, the milk is pumped at high pressures through very small orifices, thus, fat is broken up into immersible smaller fat particulates. Homogenization therefore gives a good texture to milk and a creamy feel in the mouth. Homogenization enhances flavor & nutritional value and may be more digestible than un-homogenized milk.

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